Dental Implants

Dental Implantology is a fairly new branch of Dentistry that developed in early 1990’s after one prosthetic surgeon, Dr. Branemark from Switzerland, noticed that titanium screws which he used in his experiments on rabbits were fused to the bone and can not be removed.

After many years of clinical and experimental studies and innovations, dental implants are essentially the same- they are a form of titanium screws that replicate a root of a tooth. These screws have a second thread inside that is used to attach different dental appliances – crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Replacement of a missing tooth with dental Implant usually divided into two steps: Surgical phase in which grafting (if necessary) is done and titanium implant is placed in the bone and Restorative phase in which the implant is loaded with the choice of a crown, bridge or denture retention device.

Whether its a single missing tooth or entire dentition- Dental Implants are the most reliable and successful alternative to conventional Prosthodontics. The only disadvantages today are the high cost in parts and unwillingness of Dental Insurance companies to provide coverage for this treatment.