Filling Decayed Teeth

Dental decay is a serious issue that cannot be dismissed. Without treatment, dental decay can destroy your tooth and kill the delicate nerves at its centre. It can also cause the area at the root tip to become infected. Once this part is infected, it the tooth can only be treated with root canal, surgery or by extracting the tooth.

In the early 1970s, a new material has been developed that drastically changed the way we practice dentistry today. This material, known as Composite Resin, went under numerous transformations and enhancements since then. Modern Restorative Dentistry can achieve spectacular results in restoring your cavitated or broken teeth with different colours, transparencies and hues to replicate natural appearance.

Although other restorative materials may be recommended to better suite your personal needs, Adhesive Composite Restorations became a paramount in modern dentistry and is one of the first choices that would be presented to you at Viva Dental.

If the decay is not too serious, it can be removed. The tooth can then be restored with either a white or silver filling. If you think that you may have the dental decay, don’t hesitate and book your appointment with our Dentist.